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About us


Back in time, in 1986, modern and far ahead of its time, Boss pizzeria was opened.

Catchy name, and a brand new, modern concept, quickly become recognizable. Constant striving for the highest quality has resulted with the success along with the unique tastes and capacity expansion.
Ten years later, it had been the right time to shift from the concept of pizzerias to a recognizable and modern restaurant.

In 1996. the fried food and steak found their place on the menu, along with the famous chicken fillet with gorgonzola sauce that is still the first choice of many guests.

In 1999. The covered glass terrace had been made and soon it has become a favorite place of local people to have a cup of coffee with friends or to enjoy a delicious meal.

During time, the interest of local people as well as tourists had raised and soon exceeded the capacity of the restaurant and terrace. So, in 2000. Boss has settled in the space well known as Atrium. In 2001. Boss extends to the opposite side of the street into a space well known as Fashion.

With the arrival of Miroslava Poljaković Miki, who had worked for several years under the jurisdiction of Iasonas Giasoumi-a, one of the most famous Cypriot chef, the concept of the cafe restaurant, with distinctive food and fast service and high quality has been promoted.

One of the greatest challenges for our chef Miki, was introducing unusual groceries and meals, so that Boss could take a significant role in setting up a new culture and standards of nutrition.

The quality growth resulted with the inability (lack of seats) to welcome all the guests, so the next logical step was delivery.

Many guests of Boss restaurant wished our distinctive tastes in their celebrations. Catering of Boss restaurant has been operating successfully for 10 years and is widely recognized for its quality.

Today, we have every right to proudly say that modern building of Boss caffe restaurant is one of the trademarks of Subotica, gladly visited by all generations. Over the years we have hosted a significant number of celebrities but we treat each guest equally, with the same care and quality of service.